YouTube for Live and On-demand Streaming

Tue, 11/27/2012 - 12:53pm -- James Hood

Following the recent upgrade of our video equipment, PPAC has entered into an agreement with YouTube that allows us to utilize their platform for live and on-demand streaming of our services! Our members and guests can now stay up-to-date with our media by subscribing to our YouTube channel. Of course, the Media page on our website will continue to list our live and on-demand services, while additionally providing bulletins and MP3 audio. YouTube also provides us the ability to enhance the experience of those viewing our website's services from a mobile device.

For the time being, our live stream will be the entirety of the service, while the on-demand videos will be only the scripture reading and sermon.

PPAC Pulpit

04.28.18 – Pr. Michael Taylor
05.05.18 – Pr. Jonathan Peinado
05.12.18 – Gobles Junior Academy
05.19.18 – Pr. Cliff Aning