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PPAC is a Church of Refuge serving approximately 300 members.  What makes PPAC so unique is our desire to accept and love everyone who comes through our doors.  Some of our members drive more than 50 miles one-way, passing literally dozens of other Adventist Churches, to participate in and experience our loving, accepting, and worshipful atmosphere.  Wherever you are from, we would be delighted to have you join us this Sabbath or Sabbath when you can find time to worship with us.  
From the pipe organ to the djembe, our worship style has a blend of everything from "traditional" to "contemporary" so that people of all ages, backgrounds, and diversities can worship the Creator God in peace and with enjoyment. On most Sabbaths, you'll find young children reading the Scriptures for the congregation, young adults leading the praise, and all others particpating and/or assisting in various ways.  For most, our methods in worshipping God presents a refuge for the craziness of life the rest of the week.
If you are are new in the area, we invite and encourage you to visit PPAC.  We think you'll be blessed.  If you're looking for a church home, we know there is a special place for you here.

PPAC Pulpit

02.23.19 – Seminary Guest
03.02.19 – Pr. Michael Taylor
03.09.19 – Pr. Michael Taylor
03.16.19 – Pr. Michelle Odinma?