Our Church of Refuge

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In ancient Israel, cities of refuge were secure, conveniently located, inclusive, spiritual communities for individuals seeking a safe haven. Similarly, churches of refuge are safe, friendly, accepting faith communities that welcome young people.  It is our desire to provide a space for freedom through worship, expression in creativity, and safety in community. We invite you to come experience Jesus with an open mind through this community of believers.

The values reflected in any Church of Refuge (COR) place can be grouped into four broad areas—Spiritual growth (#1-2), Relationships (#3-5), Community impact (#6) and Empowerment (#7-9). 

9 COR Values:

  1. Sabbath:  We are committed to providing a meaningful Sabbath experience
  2. Discipleship:  We are committed to discipleship through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  3. Acceptance:  We are committed to accepting people just as Jesus did
  4. Community:  We are committed to building community
  5. Support:  We are committed to supporting young adults with their life challenges
  6. Service:  We are committed to demonstrating God’s love through acts of service
  7. Leadership:  We are committed to young adult leadership
  8. Budget:  We are committed to investing money in young adult ministry
  9. Change:   We are committed to change that leads to improved young adult ministry

PPAC Pulpit

01.26.19 – Pr. Michael Taylor
02.02.19 – Pr. Michael Taylor
02.09.19 – Pr. Michael Taylor
02.16.19 – GLAA Chamber Singers & Strings
02.16.19 – GLAA Chamber Singers & Strings (tentative)